Industry: Microfluidic technology

CellFE has invented a microfluidic platform capable of analyzing and manipulating single cells for therapeutic applications. Its technology can determine the state of cells, then change that state by using abrupt compressions, which enhance the uptake of biomolecules and nanoparticle probes.

CellFE’s progress in microfluids is a significant improvement to existing tech in the emerging mechanoporation industry. By tuning the compression profile, CellFE has achieved highly uniform and consistent results even for hard-to-deliver molecules like DNA plasmids. Its method of intracellular molecule delivery is unparalleled in delivering large macromolecules and particles with efficiency, throughput and viability.

A current priority for CellFE is to analyze cancer cell transcriptomes and isolate circulating tumor cells in the blood. A second priority is to determine whether fluorescent antibodies can be delivered to tag protein cancer markers in cancer and noncancer cells. Importantly, this test will require the technology to wash unbound antibody from the cell interior, which CellFE has already demonstrated it can do.

CellFE’s existing collaboration with Becton Dickinson will allow a strategic market entry, targeting the area of intracellular probe delivery, with an estimated revenue of $10 million per year. Better methods for intracellular delivery will reduce diagnostic costs and expand the ability to monitor a wide range of diseases.

Company website: CellFE

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