Industry: Wireless technology

Ubiquitous outdoor sensors and connected devices — also known as the Internet of Things — are enabling better management of complex systems such as traffic patterns, urban infrastructure maintenance, allocation of resources like water and power, and more. Cognosos (formerly Sytheros) has developed wireless network technology that efficiently and affordably connects low-cost battery-powered outdoor sensors to the cloud.
RadioCloud®, Cognosos’ Sensing-as-a-Service platform, is superior to existing wireless technologies because it increases the range and lowers the energy requirements of the wireless sensor network so it can be maintained at a much lower cost. The company’s technology utilizes narrowband transmission, use of the radio spectrum below 1 GHz, transmit-only sensors and software-defined radio gateways to achieve long-range, low-power connectivity.
By 2023, the number of sensors or devices connected to the cloud is projected to be 3 billion and these sensors will be instrumental to a host of new business models. RadioCloud® is designed to scale efficiently to support these sensors.

Company website: Cognosos

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