Industry: Wireless technology

Cognosos equips enterprises with the real-time location and tracking intelligence needed to boost utilization of assets and accelerate inventory through supply chains. Its lightweight platform deploys quickly both indoors and outdoors, delivering an unparalleled combination of price and performance that now tracks over 100,000 assets across multiple industries including automotive, logistics and healthcare.

The Cognosos portal unlocks intelligence and increases productivity with tools that illuminate insights. From single- to multi-site deployments, indoors or outdoors, its cloud-based portal provides instant access to real-time location information across campuses and loations.

Th company's workflow and task assignment tools streamline operations and give teams the ability to track critical processes and understand productivity, while alerting capabilities ensure that staff are notified of important events like unauthorized asset movement or maintenance reminders.

Cognosos’ customizable reporting capabilities provide the data and insights needed to power impactful decisions, enabling a holistic understanding of asset movements and utilization, process completion and potential bottlenecks. 

Company website: Cognosos

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