Focused Cryo

Industry: Cryoablation

Focused Cryo is developing a smart cryoablation system that’s easier to use and provides instant feedback and better spatiotemporal control. These benefits represent a significant improvement in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes, obesity and other ailments that are addressed with the cryoablation of nerves and ganglia. 

Existing cryoablation technology affects an area of the patient’s tissue without control over direction. Additionally, the devices only present the temperature of the probe, not the temperature of the tissue undergoing treatment. These factors have led to unwanted tissue damage and further complications. 

Focused Cryo’s proposed technology solves these problems, using nerve-specific geometry and real-time in-body temperature and directional control to deliver a treatment that’s both safer and more effective.

The market for Type 2 Diabetes treatment alone exceeds $330 billion annually, and other targets for Focused Cryo’s technology bring the total possible market to over half a trillion dollars.

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