Industry: Industrial control security

Industrial control systems (ICS) such as the power grid are omnipresent forces in everyday life, but their security has often been an afterthought. Efficiency is largely the order of the day with these large systems, but without proper security platforms, they remain vulnerable to cyber-attacks and internal threats.

Fortiphyd is testing and developing two products to address this need. The first is a physical device fingerprinting system that detects potentially harmful commands to the ICS. The second analyzes the scan times of programmable logic controllers to detect accidental or malicious changes to programming inside the system.

Conventional security systems often fail to add value beyond basic detection of anomalies. They also require system downtime. Fortiphyd’s technology has not only the ability to protect ICS to a higher degree but promises increased efficiencies in the long run, increasing its appeal to engineers.

Fortiphyd’s analysis of the marketplace reveals an available market size of $750 million. With 10 identified competitors, they believe the serviceable obtainable market to be $75 million.

Company website: Fortiphyd

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