HAWA Therapeutics

Industry: Muscle regeneration

HAWA’s novel treatment for muscle strain, damage and dystrophy stimulates muscle stem cell functions, greatly increasing the speed and totality of recovery. The treatment involves injecting HIF2ai inhibitors into the muscle, but the company is also exploring topical and oral approaches.

Moderate and severe muscle strains can cause immense pain, causing people to be out of work for long periods of time. Treatment options are limited to physical therapy, surgery and a host of short-term drugs such as anti-inflammatories. Severe strains often heal incompletely, making people susceptible to further injury. 

HAWA’s HIF2Ai technology accelerates initial recovery and reduces recurrent injuries by preventing the formation of scar tissue.

Reported cases of muscle strain in the U.S. top 10 million annually, and with the novelty of HAWA’s approach, the potential customers for such a product are numerous.

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