InNOveta Biotech

Industry: Catheters

InNOveta is developing a coating for catheter tubes to prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Its LINORel urinary catheters steadily release nitric oxide, a bactericidal agent, over the period of use. This is coupled with a liquid-infused silicone oil, which gives the product non-fouling properties.


Catheters continue to pose a risk for patients who need them, with infection rates approaching 100% for use longer than 30 days. Catheter-associated urinary tract infections constitute 90% of infections while in hospital, leading to 13,000 deaths a year. The LINORel catheter is expected to last for around 60 days, providing much-needed defense against infection.

As of 2020, InNOveta was working to conduct biological testing of its coating to determine antibacterial activity and the possibility of cytotoxic effect on human cells.

The LINORel (liquid-infused nitric-oxide releasing) catheters, priced at $12-15 each, will be substantially more affordable than competing products in a U.S. catheters market expected to be valued of $2.2 billion in 2022.

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