Industry: Breast milk pumps

Lybbie is working on a solution to the current breast milk pumps, which are time-consuming and cumbersome. Using patent-pending, silent-pumping technology — coupled with a natural-contour design in a soft mold — Lybbie is groundbreakingly discreet and easy to use.

Once worn, the pumping device does not need to be removed until the end of the day. All pumped milk is stored covertly at the user’s convenience; a smart app controls the pump and provides data on the effectiveness of each session.

On average, full-time working mothers need 30 minutes away from work to use current pumps because of set-up, clean-up and storage. Over the course of a year, this time away can total 300 hours (approximately seven weeks), including a 12-week maternity leave.

By creating a device that pumps milk anywhere and anytime, without additional set-up or clean-up, Lybbie intends to return this time to working mothers.

The Lybbie device has considerable potential market, and the Lybbie team intends to expand its reach with business partnerships in adjacent industries, such as maternity clothing.

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