MJM Chemical

Industry: Bioactive amines

MJM Chemical’s patented amino acid decarboxylation technology constitutes a revolutionary advancement in the production of high-demand, bioactive amines, such as histamine, serotonin and dopamine. The technique is highly resource-efficient, dramatically lowering both the cost of production and the amount of waste generated in manufacturing.

Despite the large increase in production efficiency, MJM’s process is compatible with any facility equipped with large-scale pressure reactors, with no further changes to infrastructure required. 

Immense global demand for these amine neurotransmitters brings great commercialization potential for MJM’s technology. The company is currently focused on producing histamine and serotonin. The efficiency of MJM’s process presents a profitable business model.

Licensing the technology and subcontracting its use are two methods of market exposure, but MJM Chemical has plans to create its own specialized factory in Georgia to further develop the process in-house.

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