NanoV Therapeutics

Industry: Cancer drugs

NanoV Therapeutics has developed a novel-mechanism anti-cancer drug. The compound, known as VPOA-6, has demonstrated high effectiveness inhibiting tumor growth and combating a wide variety of cancers, with much less cytotoxicity than other leading drugs (Cisplatin, one of the most common first-line anti-cancer treatments).

NanoV intends to use their newly discovered mechanism, utilizing redox catalysis, to develop a new class of anti-cancer agents to bring life-saving treatment to cancer patients.

With drug-resistance becoming a more pronounced obstacle to cancer treatment, novel mechanisms that demonstrate efficacy and safety have a potential to earn a large market. VPOA-6 significantly suppresses a wide range of cancers, including multi-drug resistant types.

The synthesis and purification of VPOA-6 is readily accomplished in eco-friendly circumstances, requiring no toxic waste, and costing significantly less than existing cancer drugs.

Company website: NanoV Therapeutics

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