NAV Robotics

Industry: Self-driving trucks

Semi-truck transportation, a vital method of commerce in the $700 billion US freight industry, is facing a severe shortage of drivers. The need for self-driving trucks has never been greater, but despite that need, no firm has yet brought to market a viable system for autonomous semi-truck driving with or without a human in the vehicle.

NAV Robotics is creating an integrated solution to this problem, combining robotics expertise with an emphasis on self-driving cars to succeed where previous technology has been too limited to see real world use. Existing tech can’t handle semi-trucks operating near the limit of handling and speed, which is how semis operate in a highway environment. And modular designs suffer from information bottlenecks which reduce the dynamic responses of the vehicle.

The NAV Robotics kit solves these problems, opening the door toward viable automation of billions of dollars of freight transport. Fleet operators will be able to purchase the kit for an installation fee and per-mile subscription, bridging the gap between cutting-edge research and real-world applicability.

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