Industry: Aviation

Rotor-X’s Palledrone is an electric, ultralight, optionally-manned aircraft with wide applicability.

Development of Palledrone began as an attempt to replace the currently used unmanned aerial systems (UAS) – drones that perform critical supply-delivery missions for the military. Another application was found in the commercial electrical utility industry, where drones could carry equipment and even restore downed power lines.

The Palledrone V4 aircraft is rotor-fault tolerant and can land on uneven terrain, bringing it closer to commercial viability. Phase II funding will allow the Palledrone to achieve autonomous takeoff, waypoint navigation and landing.

The large payload and intended ease-of-use bring great versatility to Palledrone V4. Rotor-X hopes to find customers in military, commercial-industrial and commercial-entertainment spheres.

Company website: Rotor-X

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