Industry: Anti-fungal pharmaceuticals

Scopus is developing a better fungicide delivery system to replace standard liposome-package delivery with a “targeted” liposome that binds with pathogenic fungi. Scopus’ approach increases the anti-fungal effect of the drug while lowering the toxicity of host cells. 

Tests on three of the most life-threatening fungal pathogens (Aspergillus fumigatusCandida albicans, and Cryptococcus neoformans) have demonstrated the improved efficacy of Scopus’s anti-fungal drug.

Fungal diseases are responsible for 1,350,000 deaths globally each year and up to $100 billion in annual crop losses. In the U.S., the direct cost of medical treatment for fungal infections is estimated at $7.2 billion annually.

With a growing population vulnerable to fungal disease, Scopus sees a large potential market where patient outcomes could be improved and lives could be saved. The U.S. market for anti-fungal drugs is close to $5 billion annually, and the global market for agricultural fungicide is $16 billion.

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