Industry: Ultrasonic gesture control

Existing technologies to control the gestures of robots, virtual reality devices and other technologies have distinct limitations. Hand-held controllers are unintuitive and have a steep learning curve. Vision-based systems have limited field of view. Data gloves are cumbersome and are subject to mechanical wear-and-tear.

Skywalker’s wearable ultrasonic sensor system resolves many of these limitations. Using deep learning algorithms, the company’s ultrasonic sensor reads the tiniest operator muscle movements and translates them into instructions for any variety of controlled system. 

This level of gestural control provides dexterity and ease of use to exoskeletal devices, robots, gaming, VR, smart home operation, prosthetics operation and possibly medical imaging and diagnostics.

In the next phases, Skywalker will optimize its algorithms to extract meaningful semantic information from users’ muscle movement, gathering a large data set from multiple users. The company will also develop an application that allows an individual to control discrete finger movements on a robotic prosthetic in real time. 

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