Industry: Novel agricultural production

MycoLogic is pioneering a method of producing mushrooms using re-purposed shipping containers and agricultural “waste” to configure highly efficient and portable systems that produce commercial and culinary mushrooms.

Using a Raspberry Pi microcontroller, various sensors and software to control environmental factors, MycoLogic is able to convert corn chaff, peanut shells and other agricultural byproducts inside any standard shipping container into viable biomes for mushroom production.

Conventional mushroom production is limited to only a few climates; over half of mushroom production in the U.S. occurs in one Pennsylvania county. MycoLogic’s containers will enable mushrooms cultivation anywhere in the world, bringing commercial and culinary mushrooms closer to their prospective markets. 

A completely outfitted module costs only $6,000 and has a theoretical yield of $180,000 of oyster mushrooms per year. The US market for culinary mushrooms is currently worth $1.2 billion.

Company website: MycoLogic

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