Industry: Enzymatic thatch management

The accumulation of thatch, a layer of dead and living plant material, is currently a logistical and financial burden for golf courses. Removing thatch is a relatively inefficient practice, often requiring fairways and greens to close temporarily. 

Tarazyme is developing an enzyme product to address this inefficiency. Applying laccase directly to thatch zones, speeds the degradation of organic material without affecting the quality of turf desired.

Based on interviews conducted with golf courses around Atlanta, core aeration – a popular strategy for mitigating thatch – may cost a high-end course $100,000 in lost revenue because of a decline in play after the procedure. Tarazyme’s enzymatic solution could negate these losses. If 25% of golf courses across the world were to adopt an enzyme treatment, the hypothetical economic impact is potentially $1.55 billion.

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