Industry: Advanced threat detection tools

Damballa is a leading data security company that detects and defeats online threats including viruses, botnets and malware. The company’s innovative work with data science has generated a number of patents.
Damballa’s core technology emerged from pioneering research at Georgia Tech, conducted by a group of computer science researchers who anticipated in 2005 the growing threat of botnets – zombie armies of infected computers under hacker control. The Georgia Tech researchers developed algorithms to identify the unique web traffic patterns and key communication signatures generated by botnets as they interact across the net.
The company’s security tools monitor networks in real time to identify compromised devices. Offering services to enterprise networks, internet service providers and mobile carriers, Damballa now monitors more than half a billion devices and analyzes nearly 15% of global web traffic – harvesting more than 25 billion samples every day.
Drawing on its years of data filtering, Damballa uses machine-learning techniques to continually improve its threat protection solutions, adapting to anticipate threats in an evolving field. 

Note: Damballa was acquired by K1 Capital in 2016.

Company website: Damballa

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