KRAS - RasKi Development for Cancer Immune Therapy

Industry: Cancer therapy

One genomic mutation, KRAS(G12V), is the major driver behind some of the deadliest cancers: lung, pancreatic and colorectal. So far, no drug has shown to be effective in combating this mutation. 

Emerging from Emory, this project centers on a peptide called RasKi-p that uses a newly discovered molecular mechanism to counter the ability of KRAS(G12V) to suppress immunity.

The project holds the potential for a first-in-class immunotherapy to target the KRAS(G12V) mutation. The need for a drug of this kind is urgent, as over 55,000 of the 606,520 deaths from cancer in 2020 alone can be attributed to the KRAS(G12V) mutation.

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