Industry: Autism diagnosis

EarliTec creates novel technologies that enable parents and providers to know where an individual child is on the spectrum of autism — and tailor treatment for the greatest personal gains.

Based on clinically validated measures, EarliTec’s EarliPoint™ is an FDA-cleared device that helps clinicians diagnose and assess Autism Spectrum Disorder. The devices captures moment-by-moment looking behavior — imperceptible to the human eye — as a young child watches a video. EarliPoint assesses the individual focal points at a rate of 120 times per second, then compares each data point to thousands of discrete measurements within a clinically validated database. 

Research has shown that focusing on objects instead people can be observed within the first six months of an infant’s life. These observations are predictive of a diagnosis of autism later in childhood. By measuring missed opportunities over time, EarliPoint helps determine where a child is on the spectrum so that parents and providers know how to work with an individual child for the greatest developmental gains.

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