Industry: Sleep monitoring

The BedDot is a sleep monitoring device that can track a person's sleeping patterns, heart rate, respiration rate, and eventually blood pressure — without having contact with the person.

The device is easily installed under a bed and uses a smart seismometer to sense vibrations caused by a person's body movements and sleep activities. By analyzing these vibrations, the BedDot can provide valuable information on when a person gets in and out of bed, their movements during sleep, posture changes and even falls from the bed.

BedDot is particularly useful for remote patient monitoring (RPM) in the elderly population, as it does not require any active engagement from the patient. This is important because many seniors may forget or be unable to cooperate with traditional RPM methods, leading to incomplete or inaccurate data collection. By providing continuous, contact-free monitoring of vital signs during sleep, BedDot can help increase patient compliance and improve healthcare outcomes.

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