Fuel the World

Industry: Ammonia production

Fuel The World (FTW) has developed an electrochemical apparatus that can produce ammonia from renewable electricity, water and air in a sustainable and decentralized way. The technology has the potential to address the growing demand for ammonia as new and innovative uses for the chemical are discovered, particularly in the energy sector.

Ammonia is a liquid fuel that can be used for long-distance energy transportation. Fuel the World’s technology produces ammonia that can eliminate carbon and nitrogen emissions. The process is more efficient and scalable than the industry standard, the Haber-Bosch process.

Fuel the World’s MAPS technology also offers a cost-effective way to store surplus electrical energy for future use on an industrial level. MAPS can be integrated into existing electrical networks by installing storage tanks of the liquid ammonia — along with a retrofitted gas turbine or solid oxide fuel cell adapter to connect the stored ammonia to an electrical grid.

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