Polymer Solutions

Industry: Self-immolative polymers

Polymer Solutions creates custom polymers based on self-immolative polymers, which are materials that can change from a solid state to vapor or liquid state when triggered. These polymers were developed with years of funding from the Department of Defense (DoD).

There is a growing demand for transient, self-immolative materials in various industries. Potential applications include making certain plastics recyclable; creating temporary adhesives and adhesive films; and reducing space junk in the satellite industry.

The self-immolative, transient polymers from Polymer Solutions have unique properties due to their low ceiling temperature. They are synthesized at -80°C, making them stable, while being meta-stable at room temperature for long periods of time.

The company has created a partnership with Heidelberg Instruments, which uses Polymer Solutions’ polymers in semiconductor patterning tools. The tools are essential for creating tiny patterns on surfaces in various electronic devices and sensors. Polymer Solutions' polymers offer several advantages, such as fast transformation from solid to gas, moderate temperature requirements and complete conversion to gas with no residue.

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