Augusta Theranostics

Industry: Exosome-based therapeutics

Augusta Theranostics has developed a unique platform for engineered exosomes to target specific cells for cancer therapy and other diseases.

Exosomes are small particles that can be used as imaging and therapeutic probes in medical science. Current exosome technology involves using stem cells or tumor cells and attaching therapeutic agents, but these exosomes are non-specific. Augusta Theranostics' platform creates engineered exosomes that carry specific peptides and IgG2b, which target and eliminate specific cells by activating the patient's natural killer cells.

Augusta Theranostics has completed in vitro and in vivo studies to determine the characteristics and functionality of its engineered exosomes. The next steps are to develop a technique for long-term storage and shipping and to determine the optimal dose for therapy in metastatic breast cancer models.

Augusta Theranostics' platform is unique in the field, as there is currently high demand for biological nanoparticle-based therapeutic vehicles and probes. Other companies are in the early stages of developing similar exosome technology, but Augusta Theranostics' platform has the potential to fill the gap.

The company aims to produce custom-designed engineered exosomes, initially targeting research laboratories and pharmaceutical/biology companies. The ultimate goal is to develop engineered exosomes as therapeutic probes for various diseases, including cancer, leading to clinical trials and benefiting patients and clinicians.

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