Intubation Aerosol Containment System (IACS)

Industry: Personal protective equipment (PPE) technology

The Intubation Aerosol Containment System (IACS) is a device to protect healthcare providers during high-risk interventions, such as patient resuscitation and airway management. The device will help contain bio-aerosolized contaminants, reducing the risk of infection transmission, such as COVID-19.

Developed at Emory, the IACS system is designed with pliable materials to improve patient access for providers offering assistance during procedures. The system is also flexible, easily deployable and disposable, making it suitable for multiple clinic settings. Target consumers are healthcare entities, including hospitals, surgery centers and ambulance services.

The market for personal protective equipment (PPE) in the U.S. has grown and is projected to rapidly expand in the next 5-7 years, nearing $9 billion by 2027. Respiratory equipment sales, including respirators and equipment to protect providers from airborne pathogens, accounted for 10.8% of PPE sales in 2019. The IACS system has vast potential within the considerable PPE market projected for rapid growth in the next 5-7 years.

The IACS system will also be useful during pandemic operations, normal operations, and contingency planning due to multiple aerosolized contagions. The device will help provide adequate patient contact during resuscitation while augmenting PPE.

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