Industry: Treatment for ulcerative colitis

Allonix is developing small molecule compounds to treat ulcerative colitis. The compounds modulate liver receptor homolog-1 (LRH-1), a nuclear hormone receptor expressed in the intestinal epithelium, to produce steroids locally and help renew intestinal cells.

In the context of ulcerative colitis, this precision opens the door to powerful protective effects of steroid treatment without the complications associated with systemic steroid treatments.

The market for this therapy initially focuses on patients suffering from severe ulcerative colitis who take corticosteroids or biologics. The small molecule would be competitive against these molecules since they would avoid global immunosuppression and adverse metabolic side effects. Oral medications are preferable to biologics for chronic diseases, as they have reduced cost, do not require IV infusion, and do not have the potential for resistance through the generation of antibodies.

Ulcerative colitis affects 1.6 million Americans, and the total market for treatment is estimated to be over $7 billion.

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