Fullerene-Based Targeted Therapy

Industry: Treatment for Urinary Stones

This project out of Augusta University is developing a new technology called fullerene-based targeted therapy (FBTT) to treat kidney stones and bladder cancer.

FBTT is based on fullerenes, which are 60-carbon spherical molecules that release heat and energy when exposed to laser irradiation. The effects of this exposure have the potential to ablate targeted cells in tumors or kidney stones without affecting adjacent normal cells.

The project will synthesize FBTT agents that are specifically targeted and will test the agents’ effects under simulated surgical conditions. Outcomes will form the basis for subsequent animal in vivo testing and ultimately for human clinical trials. Results of the project could open many new avenues for research and development, as FBTT could also be used for non-urologic diseases, including skin cancer and gastrointestinal cancers.

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