Adaptive Flight

Industry: Aerospace

Adaptive Flight designs and develops advanced flight control systems for fixed-wing and vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aircraft systems as well as the Hornet series of unmanned helicopter systems. The helicopters provide real-time video surveillance for law enforcement and military personnel. 

AFI was founded in 2005 and is positioned to become a technology leader in the UAV industry.  AFI’s objective is to market small rotorcraft UAV with advanced surveillance and navigation capabilities to targeted military, government and civilian markets.

Adaptive Flight, Inc.’s (AFI) core product is the FCS20, a custom designed flight control system that is powered by AFI’s innovative flight control software. The Hornet product family includes small to mid-sized vertical take-off and landing aircrafts, in addition to custom designed ground support equipment. 

The UAS Hornet line consists of the Hornet Micro, Hornet Mini, Hornet Maxi, and Hornet Magnum.  AFI’s systems provide surveillance platforms that are simple to operate, easy to maintain and ready in a moment’s notice.

Note: Adaptive Flight was acquired by Drone Aviation in 2015.

Company website: Adaptive Flight

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