Sila Nano-technologies

Industry: Energy storage

Sila Nanotechnologies is creating high-capacity anodes, an important component of lithium-ion batteries. Using large-scale synthesis technology to produce porous nanocomposite powders, Sila is building anodes with higher capacity and shorter charging time.
These anodes will enable smaller, lighter and longer-lasting batteries, which Sila hopes will revolutionize the electric vehicle industry, making EVs more practical and affordable.
Along with electric cars, the market for battery components includes devices like cell phones, laptops and tablets, along with technology for military and industrial use. The total market segment for anode materials is estimated at about $1.1 billion.
Sila Nanotechnologies was founded by a collaboration between Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and Georgia Tech engineers, who developed the technology using $3 million in research grants from the U.S. Department of Energy. 

Company website: Sila Nano-technologies

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