Industry: Personal care products

Camellix produces environmentally friendly, clinically tested personal care products based on green tea polyphenol extracts. These products are based on research by Augusta University’s Dr. Stephen Hsu.
The company markets four commercial products: MighTeaFlow® oral care, ReviTeaLize® hair care, AverTeaX® cold sore/fever blister treatment and SnooTeas® pet products. These products are available from 120+ pharmacies in the Southeast as well as from online retailers.
Camellix’s product portfolio has excellent market potential. The global shampoo market is estimated to be $18.3 billion. The xerostomia (dry mouth) market is estimated to be $2 billion globally. The global market for herpes simplex virus treatment is forecasted to reach $1.8 billion by the year 2017.

Company website: Camellix

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