Industry: Technology-enabling improved vision correction

DigitalVision is developing a virtual refracting platform for diagnosing vision disorders and customizing eyeglass lenses.
The platform, called the VisionOptimizer (“DVO”), is based on a series of lenses that the patient can control and adjust to bring an image into focus, interactively selecting his or her ideal lenses under real-world viewing conditions. The continuous refraction offered by the DVO provides a more accurate prescription than the conventional phoropter, which eye doctors use for step-by-step comparisons of vision clarity.
Vision care is a $60 billion global consumer market, with about $27.3 billion (46%) of this market located in the United States. Key market segments include spectacle lenses ($8.7 billion), frames ($5.9 billion), vision exams ($3.6 billion), refractive surgery ($2.6 billion), cataract surgery ($4.5 billion) and contact lenses ($2 billion).  DigitalVision’s technology has the potential to address all of these market segments.

Company website: DigitalVision

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