Carbice Corporation

Industry: Nanotechnology

Carbice Corporation is a rapidly growing Georgia Tech spin off in Midtown Atlanta that is developing innovative thermal materials solutions that enable breakthrough optimal performance in electronic devices. Carbice products enable smaller, more powerful electronic devices that are easier to assemble, and will unlock mass adoption of affordable computing, sensing, and connectivity in homes, industry, and from Earth to Mars. 

Carbice developments represent the new standard of high thermal conductivity materials in the electronics cooling industry.

Carbice has its scientific roots in a DARPA-funded advanced thermal management program, and has been supported by grants from the U.S. Air Force and Army, Georgia Research Alliance, and National Science Foundation SBIR Program. 

Carbice Corporation was founded in January 2017 by Georgia Tech Professor Baratunde Cola, who first worked on thermal applications of advanced carbon materials in 2001 and later spent time as a test and development engineer at Intel; and co-founded by a team of leading Georgia Tech researchers in electronic device power management and product innovation.


Company website: Carbice Corporation

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