Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) Systems

Industry: High-value and high-precision metal component

DDM Systems is a manufacturing and 3D printing company that is commercializing two technologies invented at Georgia Tech: large-area, maskless photopolymerization (LAMP) and scanning laser epitaxy (SLE). These patented technologies enable manufacturers to produce proprietary designs of physical materials in large or small batches, while maintaining high standards of quality, consistency and precision.
LAMP technology allows manufacturers to directly print ceramic molds for casting, eliminating seven out of 12 steps in other processes while minimizing cost and lead time. The SLE platform enables repair of valuable components made from superalloys that previously were impossible to weld, an advance that is especially valuable to the turbine industry.
Along with manufacturing services, DDMS Systems offers prototyping, testing and process optimization. The company’s technological platforms meet a significant need for the $28 billion U.S. market for castings and the $11.4 billion global market for precision investment castings. 

Company website: Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) Systems

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