Micron Biomedical

Industry: Drug delivery

Micron Biomedical has created a new method for delivering vaccines: a patch printed with a large array of miniscule microneedles, no larger than a few grains of salt. The microneedles are made from water-soluble polymers, so they dissolve into the skin. Because the microneedles are so small, the application is painless.
The microneedle patch offers several advantages over traditional vaccines. A microneedle patch is easy to apply, so it can be administered without special training, even by the patients themselves. The patches are easy to transport, and unlike used needles, the used patches don’t require special hygienic disposal methods. Because the application is painless, more people may be willing to receive voluntary vaccines like the flu vaccine.
Based on innovations developed at Georgia Tech and expertise from Emory University and the CDC, Micron Biomedical is supported by a $10 million grant from the NIH. See why Micron’s product is one of 25 “Breakthroughs in Georgia” >

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