Industry: Disposable anemia screening device

Sanguina, LLC is marketing AnemoCheck, an anemia screening device that patients can easily use at home. The disposable diagnostic test requires a drop of blood (or less) and is quick and accurate. It’s also potentially affordable – the company’s current prototype only costs about 25 cents per test to produce.
To administer the test, the patient pricks a finger, applies blood to a strip and inserts the strip into a tube containing a chemical solution. The strip changes color in response to varying levels of hemoglobin in the blood; an included color reference card helps patients interpret the results.
Conventionally, anemia screening is done in clinics and hospitals via hematology analysis machines that cost $10,000 or more and require a couple tablespoons of blood. AnemoCheck would allow patients to conveniently and regularly screen for anemia at home. It’s also a viable anemia screening method for individuals in disadvantaged regions and emerging markets across the globe, where advanced medical technology may be inaccessible.
Anemia affects about 2 billion people each year, and 83 million people in the U.S. It’s frequently caused by nutritional deficiencies, blood or immune diseases or kidney failure, and can also be a side effect of cancer treatment.

Company website: Sanguina

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