AdeptDC (formerly DataCOOL)

Industry: Cooling resource management for data centers

AdeptDC (formerly DataCOOL) provides cooling solutions for data centers. The company’s machine-learning-based artificial intelligence platform offers real-time analytics that optimize the use of resources and minimize the use of electricity.
U.S. data centers contribute about 2.5 percent of the nation’s total electricity usage. By helping data centers manage cooling in a more energy-efficient way, AdeptDC’s technology can lower electricity consumption in the centers by 15 to 25 percent.
The AdeptDC system also helps data centers extend the life of their technology, lower their HVAC maintenance costs and lessen the risk of downtime by preventing malfunctions related to overheating.
AdeptDC’s potential market includes building management vendors and data center owners and designers. 

Company website: AdeptDC (formerly DataCOOL)

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