Emory HPLC Bioanalytical Core
Emory University

Contact: Rong Fu, PhD
Phone: 404-727-4771

The Emory HPLC Bioanalytical Core is operated through the Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology and occupies 400 sq.ft of space in the Woodruff Memorial Building Room 6306. The core is equipped with three HPLC systems, which include two ESA CoulArray detection systems and one Waters HPLC system. 

Each of the ESA 5600A CoulArray detection systems is equipped with ESA model 584 pump, PEEK Pulse damper, ESA 542 refrigerated autosampler injector, temperature controller, model 5020 guard cell, and model 6210 coulometric array cell. The system is controlled and chromatograms are analyzed by a Dell personal computer using the ESA CoulArray V3.10 software. The Waters HPLC system consists of model 717-plus autosampler, model 1525 binary pump, model 2996 photodiode array detector, fraction collector and 2465 electrochemical detector. The system is controlled and chromatograms are analyzed by Waters Empower 2.0 software.

The Core also has access to additional equipment for sample preparation including a SpectraMax M5e spectrophotometer (Molecular Devices, Sunnyvale CA) which is a UV/Vis variable wavelength microtiter plate reader with Softmax Pro software used for performing colorimetric spectrophotometrical protein assays, and Branson sonifier 450 which is used for tissue homogenization. Also available are a Millipore Water system, centrifuges, sonicator, pH meters, balances, oven, refrigerators, hot plates, stirrers, -70C freezers, and other standard equipment.

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