CCRC Analytical Service and Training Laboratory
University of Georgia

Contact: Parastoo Azadi, PhD
Phone: 706-583-0629

 The CCRC Service and Training Laboratory at the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center (CCRC) is a unique facility dedicated to service and training in the structural analysis of all classes of glycoconjugatesderived from animals, bacteria, fungi, and plants.

We perform chemical characterization on glycoproteins (glycomics, glycoproteomics) bacterial and plant polysaccharides characterization (including LPS. CPS, EPS), glycolipids and glycosaminoglycans using state of the art mass spectrometry and NMR techniques.

The facility has a dual function of comprehensive cutting-edge service and training the next generation of glycoscientists.

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Structural characterization of any class of glycoconjugates will require a combination of different technologies to obtain the full structure or sequence. The CCRC service facility has brought together complimentary group of services to make new methodologies in structural elucidation of glycans accessible to the glycoscience community and to address the obstacles in the field faced by our collaborators. 

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Analytical Services and Training provides specialized carbohydrate analyses to over 100 clients in academia, government and industry.