Center for Drug Discovery
University of Georgia

Contact: Scott Pegan
Phone: 706 542 3435

The University of Georgia’s Center for Drug Discovery (CDD) is designed to be the premier portal at the University of Georgia for the development of therapeutics by supporting pre-clinical stage collaborations withextramural supporting entities.

As part of its mission, the center seeks to enhance researchers’ ability to form collaborations, compete effectively for extramural sponsorship, as well as generate and preserve intellectual property. To this end, the CDD not only provides consultations but a number of services to support drug discovery.  

These include assisting in the assay development of cell-based and target-based assay for use in high-throughput screening campaigns as well as performing chemical dispensing and archiving tasks. For these activities, the CDD uses Tecan and Biomek liquid handling robotics platforms with on board multimode detection capability.  

The center also has access to Opera high content screening system. The CDD possesses a wide array of chemical libraries designed for a range of activities from preliminary data collection to lead identification.

Beyond assisting in finding new chemical leads, the CDD also offers a range of pre-clinical toxicology services. These include but are not limited to cytotoxicity screening, physiochemical compound characterization, and Ames testing.

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