Animal Core Laboratory
Clark Atlanta University

Contact: Dr. Zhengxin Wang, Associate Professor

Based upon Title III funds, the creation of an Animal Core Laboratory was completed in July 2018 in one floor above the Center for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Development at CAU and was certified as functional by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) in October 2018.

It is administratively managed by the AAALAC-accredited Center for Laboratory and Animal Research (CLAR) Facility at Morehouse School of Medicine.

Major Equipment:

  1. Air Handling Units (2) w/ 2 sets of 60 Individually Ventilated Cages
    • (Tecniplast Smart Flow)
  2. Air Handling Units (3) w/ 3 sets of 36 Individually Ventilated Cages       
    • (Tecniplast Iso Cage, The Bioexclusive System for Immunocompromised Animals)
  3. Biosafety Cabinets (3 Tecniplast Aria)
  4. Cage Washer (Tecniplast Oceanus)
  5. Carbon Dioxide Euthanization System (Next Advance Quietek)
  6. Changing Station (Tecniplast Aria) 

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