Magnetic Resonance Imaging Core Facility
Georgia Institute of Technology

Contact: Johannes Leisen
Phone: 404-894-9241

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging core provides high resolution MRI studies with the following focus: Molecular imaging, cardiac imaging, development of new contrast agents, biomedical engineering.

Our Bruker Pharmascan 7T provides the the following features:

  • 7T superconducting magnet, with a bore of 160 mm.
  • Gradient system (i.d. 90 mm). The maximum Gradient strength is 300 mT/m.
  • RF resonator (i.d. 38 mm) optimized for the study of small rodents.
  • RF resonator (i.d. 60 mm) for the study of larger objects.
  • RF resonator (i.d. 25 mm) for the study of small objects.
  • Transmit/Receive Surface coil (16 mm) for the study of small areas on large objects.
  • Animal beds and anesthesia unit.
  • Animal monitoring system

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