Cancer Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Core Laboratories
Clark Atlanta University

Contact: Dr. Nathan Bowen

The goal of CBBCL is to provide statistical support needed in design of scientifically rigorous experiments, as well as data analysis.

Dr. Fisseha Abebe (Department of Mathematical Sciences, CAU and member of CCRTD) is a consultant related to statistical experiment design and data analysis. CBBCL also leverages RCMI Research Coordination Network (RRCN), to provide additional biostatistical support.

Moreover, CCRTD proposes a 5-year plan to develop the CBBCL into a multi-user Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Center capable of providing statistical support services, and bioinformatics analyses.


Major Equipment:

1)  Server Cluster (Penquin Entry Level Computing Cluster)

2)  Computer Workstation Dell (Dell Optiplex GX620)


Laboratory Services

 1)  Purified water for biochemical and molecular biology applications. Core Facilities maintains two water purification systems and provides clean water of two grades (reagent grade and ultrapure grade) to all users

 2)  Liquid nitrogen for mammalian cell storage

 3)  Carbon dioxide for mammalian cell growth

 4)  Ice, crushed for laboratory experiments

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