Electron Microscopy
Mercer University

Contact: Maheshinie Rajapaksha
Phone: 912-721-8216

JEOL JEM 2100 plus Transmission Electron Microscope

The 2100+ is a high-performance 200 kV transmission electron microscope capable of collecting images at the cellular, sub-cellular and molecular level.  This model includes a 200 kV TEM with a Lanthanum Boride (LaB6) emitter. 

Digital images are collected with 4K x 4K Pixel Oneview CMOS CCD Camera using Gatan's Digital Micrograph (DM) software. The DM software runs on a high performance Dell workstation interfaced with the JEM 2100+ computer. 

The package includes single and double tilt sample holders, a cryo pole piece for point to point resolution of ~0.27nm and a Cryoplunge 3 with GentleBlot technology to support Cryo-TEM.  Software includes SerialEM, IMOD and Chimera to support state of the art Cryo-Tomography capable of solving protein structure at near atomic detail.


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This technology is located in the School of Medicine at Mercer's Savannah campus.

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