Neuroscience Core
Georgia State University

Contact: Mary Karom
Phone: 404-413-6310

The Neuroscience Core Facility helps faculty, staff scientists, and student researchers perform biological assays (RIA, ELISA, EIA, Protein Assays, etc.), histology (IHC, ISH, autoradiography, Tissue Sectioning), experimental design and analysis, and other laboratory operations, methods, and procedures including laboratory safety. The core provides not only access to space, equipment, and supplies, but also expert consultation and training.

Core space is commissioned for radioisotope work with an approved radiation protocol for an inventory of up to

  • 3mCi per I125
  • 1mCi per S35
  • 0.1mCi C14
  • 2mCi P32
  • 5mCi P33
  • 1mCi per H3 storage

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