Microarray Lab
Morehouse School of Medicine

Contact: Crystal Byrd, M.S.
Phone: 404-756-8940

The goal of the Microarray Laboratory at MSM is to provide an accurate profile of the genes expressed in cells, tissues or organs at any given time. Resources include: Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer, Agilent 2200 TapeStation, Agilent Microarray Scanner.  

Investigators can select from pre-printed designs for human, rat and mouse or create custom designs that allow investigators to focus on specific diseases or larger studies. The Agilent platform allows low concentrations of RNA to be used, thus conserving precious human or animal samples with flexibility in study designs and the ability to perform whole transcriptome analysis in a single day. Additional services include RNA seq analysis with fast and accurate short read alignments (8 million reads) or analysis in depth (20 million reads) for a slightly higher cost.

Services and Charges:
The cost per array ranges from $450 to $650. This includes RNA isolation, if needed, and basic analysis. Customized arrays can also be bought from Agilent. (Custom slides require a $4,000 set-up charge (one time) plus the cost per slide, which varies from $400 - $800. Note: Customized slides can also be re-sold, either by the investigator or by Agilent, to cover costs. The lab will work with investigators to select appropriate technology for their needs.

Microarray Services                         
Arrays – Non-Human $450 - $650        

Arrays – Human        $450 - $650        

Arrays – Custom        Varies

Other Services:
RNA Storage Solutions               $5/tube

Collection of Tissues/Organs      $30/hour

RNA Isolation – Cells                  $30 per sample (included in cost of arrays)

RNA Isolation – Tissues              $45 per sample (included in cost of arrays)

RNA Quality checks/reports         $20


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Agilent 2200 TapeStation

Agilent Microarray Scanner