Zebrafish Core Lab
Morehouse School of Medicine

Contact: Dr. Jason DeBruyne
Phone: 404.756.5228

As a model system, zebrafish offer a powerful combination of low cost, rapid in vivo analysis and complex vertebrate biology.

Zebrafish are closer to humans evolutionarily than yeast, insects or worms and experiments are faster and less costly than those using mice. This model system supports research in programmatic research areas including but not limited to molecular genetics of cardiovascular development, heart disease, neurogenetics, cell signaling pathways, and genetics of cancer prevention.

Zebrafish will also be an excellent teaching tool to support research training programs.

Service Charges:
The Zebrafish core lab will provide consultative and fee for service expertise to basic/translational and clinical investigators.

Examples are; animal husbandry, embryo DNA microinjection, generation of transgenic models, morpholino knockdown, in vivo chemical screening strategies, and other custom services as needed.

Currently, services are charged on an hour-by-hour consultation basis. For more information pertaining to consultation, please contact the core leader directly.

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Z-Hab zebrafish recirculating aquaria systems with embryo production system