Flow Cytometry Lab
Morehouse School of Medicine

Contact: Jerry Manlove-Simmons
Phone: 404.752.8849

The flow cytometry, FACS, and magnetic-bead cell-sorting core at Morehouse School of Medicine houses a BD FACS Aria II and a Miltenyi Biotec autoMACS Pro Separator.

Certified BD- and Miltenyi-trained staff are available for consultation, acquiring data, or sorting cells.

The BD FACS Aria is equipped with 488 nm and 633 nm lasers along with filters for simultaneous detection of the following fluorophore signatures:

Blue A (785/60 nm, e.g., PECy7), Blue B (695/40 nm, e.g., PECy5.5), Blue C (610/20 nm, e.g., PETxRd), Blue D (575/26 nm, e.g., PE), Blue E (530/30 nm, e.g., FITC), Red A (780/60 nm,  e.g., APC.Cy7), and Red B(660/20 nm, e.g., APC). The autoMACS Pro Separator performs fully automated multi-sample labeling and separation of various cell types. The lab also has a Guava EasyCyte 8HT benchtop flow cytometer.


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Service Charges for FACS Aria:
$125/hr, Technical Assistance, Analysis, or Sorting
$75/hr, Acquisition only

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Guava EasyCyte 8HT