IEN Micro-Machining Laser Lab
Georgia Institute of Technology

Contact: Richard Shafer
Phone: 404 894 9434

The IEN Laser Micro-machining Lab utilizes laser of various wavelengths and pulse widths to remove material from a wide variety of substrates. Material removal is accomplished by using a highly focused laser beam to evaporate or modify the substrate material. Various materials absorb different wavelengths of light so we multiple lasers with different wavelengths to work on different processes. Spot sizes vary from 200um on our FIR CO2 laser down to 8um on our Femtosecond laser system.

Alabama UV Laser:  355nm laser designed to work on silicon wafers for the photovoltaic industry. It has a 25um spot size and a 200mm X 200mm scanning area with high speed scanning up to 1000mm/second.

OPTEC Femtosecond Laser: OPTEC WS-Flex USP a 4W <300 femtosecond laser to process practically any material through ultra-short laser pulses photo-ablation.

Hermes LS500XL CO2 Laser: The Georgia Tech Hermes LS500XL 60-watt CO2 laser.

Resonetics IR Laser: The Georgia Tech IEN Resonetics IR Laser is a Q-switched Nd:YLF laser that can be operated at two different wavelengths (1047 nm or 524 nm) with a beam size at approximately 50 microns.

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Individual users can be trained to use the systems, or we can provide machining services via IEN staff.

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Optec Femtosecond Laser Micro-machining System