Augusta University

Contact: Melissa Toomer
Phone: 706-721-9626

The mission and goals of the IRB office are:

  • To ensure the research goals of the enterprise are met ensuring compliance and protection of human subjects involved in research
  • To serve as the central contact for facilitating the goals of the Enterprise Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)

The IRB office provides:

  • Administrative support for the internal IRBs and a liaison for the external IRBs
  • Monitoring and oversight for all IRB approved studies
  • Education and training for human research investigators, staff, and IRB members

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The Augusta University (AU) IRB charges fees for all industry-sponsored study submissions with budgets greater than $10,000 reviewed by an internal IRB. The AU IRB Office charges an administrative review fee for all industry-sponsored studies with budgets greater than $10,000 that are reviewed by an external IRB (e.g., WIRB).

Submission Type / Fee

Convened (full review) IRB Initial Review of Protocol - $2,500

Convened (full review) IRB Review of Each Protocol Amendments/Modifications - $625

Convened (full review) IRB Review of Each Continuing Review - $875

External Review Study /Fee

Administrative Review of External IRB - $2,000

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