Debra Bangasser, Ph.D.

Georgia State University
Recruited: 2022

Debra Bangasser’s research seeks to improve the understanding of the basic neuroscience mechanisms underlying stress in males and females — all to foster the development of therapeutics that work well across sex. The dramatic differences observed in many stress-related disorders, and the increasing evidence that existing therapies do not work equally well in men and women, underscore the importance of her work.

At Georgia State University, Bangasser plays a leadership role in the interdisciplinary group of faculty and students that form the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience. The CBN was established with funding from National Science Foundation (NSF) and from GRA to conduct collaborative research, training and community outreach. In more than 20 years conducting research, the center has pioneered new approaches to “team” science with the development of research “collaboratories” to investigate how social factors can shape the structure and function of the brain.

Bangasser also plays a central role in the CBN Stress and Trauma Consortium, an area of the recently funded RISE Initiative. This interdisciplinary consortium involves faculty, staff and students from different departments and colleges at Georgia State, as well as faculty from Grady Hospital and Emory University.

 Debra  Bangasser, Ph.D.