No. 2: A deeper look inside the human heart

When Dr. Ernest Garcia had chest pains a few years ago, he didn’t take any chances – he went straight to his doctor.

And like thousands of cardiologists worldwide, his doctor opened the Emory Cardiac Toolbox, a software suite designed to take the guesswork out of medical imaging and diagnostics.

The Toolbox analyzes an array of attributes from a patient's heart scan, then produces a reliable diagnosis, from coronary artery disease to heart failure.

In Dr. Garcia’s case, the heart condition was caught early and deemed highly treatable. His prognosis was both good news and a twist of irony – Dr. Garcia was the man who invented the Toolbox at Emory University some three decades ago.

Today, the Emory Cardiac Toolbox is used to treat 4 million patients around the world every year. And Dr. Garcia continues to work with Atlanta-based Syntermed, which markets the software, to add features so that the Toolbox continues saving lives for years to come.