From lab to life: GRA's continuum of programs

GRA's work is accomplished in four interrelated ways:

1. Recruiting world-class scientists to Georgia universities as GRA Eminent Scholars®. These Scholars typically arrive with research teams and millions of dollars in grants and contracts.

2. Investing in state-of-the-art research technology for university labs. By adding high-tech firepower, university scientists are better positioned to win more competitive grants. They also expand their research enterprises, which creates more jobs.

3. Launching new companies around university discoveries and inventions. GRA  provides seed funding needed to move promising discoveries out of the lab and into the world. For the most promising startups, this investment may eventually include GRA Venture Fund, one of the state’s largest public-private investment funds.

4. Forging and strengthening alliances among universities and industry. The strength of collaboration in Georgia is unmatched by any other state. GRA involves industry in another important way – helping to guide (and sometimes lead) startups launching out of universities.

GRA’s operations are funded entirely through private donations from individuals, companies and foundations. Add your support >

The investments we make in talent, technology and startups come from the state of Georgia. Since 1990, the return on these investments is extraordinary: A total of $661 million has been leveraged into $7.8 billion in outside federal and private investment into our state.

And 195 companies are currently in the GRA portfolio, all working toward market growth. The largest of these companies employs several hundred professionals.